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     " Gymnastics Psychology:
The Ultimate Guide for Coaches,          Gymnasts and Parents"

"Gymnasti      GGymnastics Psychology" helps the:
       *Coach improve their Skills & Succeed more often
 *Gymnast increase their Confidence & Perform their Best
   *Parents provide the Support their Child Athlete Needs

 Dr. Joe "Doc" Massimo & Dr. Sue Massimo ts"
Dr. Joe "Doc" Massimo and Dr. Sue Massimo

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                                  About The Book

Gymnastics Coaches

 As a Coach, have you ever asked these questions?  "How do I maintain motivation in the gym?" "What's the best way to get the team "in the zone" before a meet?"  "How do I communicate better with the parents of my gymnasts?" Improve your coaching and training with the answers found in chapters 3, 4, 8, 9 & 11.


As a Gymnast, have you ever asked these questions?  "What's the best way to prepare mentally before a meet?" "How do I deal with fears in training?" "What mental training skills do I need to learn?" Realize your potential with the answers to these questions in chapters 5, 8 & 10. 

Gymnastics Parents

As a Parent, have you ever asked these questions? "How involved should I be in my child’s gymnastics?" "What's the best way to support my child before and after a meet?"  "How do I monitor the gymnastics health of my child?" Improve your relationship and the support you provide your child athlete by going to chapters 10 & 11.

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  • The sport of Gymnastics has always been about having a strong mind to support a strong body.  In my career as a coach, whether I am working with a Level 4 or an Elite National Team Member, I find myself frequently returning to Doc’s papers, lectures, and articles.  He manages to take complex topics and write in a way that is easily understood by the reader. His passion for gymnastics comes alive in his writing which really holds something for everyone-Coach, Gymnast, or Parent.
    Mr. Tony Retrosi
    2010 USA Gymnastics’ Educator of the Year
    Owner and Coach-Atlantic Gymnastic
    (Photo of Mr. Tony Retrosi & Dr. Joe "Doc" Massimo)

About The Authors-
Dr. Joe "Doc" Massimo
& Dr. Sue Massimo

We have been involved in gymnastics as competitors, judges, coaches, clinicians, and gymnastics psychologists for over 100 years combined. We recognize that to achieve physical competence the mind/ body connection is of prime importance. We are very gratified to be able to pass on our acquired knowledge and experiences surrounding the undeniable importance of the mental aspects of the sport of gymnastics to you.

Doc & Dr Sue

"Gymnastics Psychology:
The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts and         Parents"

As a Coach, Gymnast or Parent of a gymnast, you want the tools to succeed in our great sport of gymnastics. Right?      
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