“A Comprehensive Look at the

Mental and Emotional Aspects of Competitive Gymnastics to:

Help the Coach improve their Skills and Succeed more often

Help the Gymnasts increase their Confidence & Perform their Best

Help the Parents provide the Support their Child needs to Excel!”


 “Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents”

provides you the tools you need to take your coaching, gymnastic performance, and parental support to the next level!


We know how frustrating it can be to search for the right information about how to help athletes reach their peak potential.  We have all heard that in competition

90% is Mental but only 10% is Physical.

Unfortunately, many coaches and gymnasts focus 90% of their time on the physical and perhaps devote 10% to mental preparation.

There’s plenty of information available about the latest techniques, skill progressions, conditioning and flexibility training all of which are necessary to succeed in this sport.

However, there’s not a lot of information concerning the mental and emotional aspects of training which are also essential components of successful gymnastics competition. Whether you are involved in gymnastics for women or men, this book is your ultimate resource for building your coaching, gymnastic performance, or parenting relationships to any level of success you desire!


Hi, we’re glad you’re here!

We’re Dr. Joe Massimo and Dr. Sue Massimo, known as “Doc” and “Dr. Sue” in the gymnastics community.

 We’ve been involved in gymnastics as competitors, judges, coaches, clinicians, and sport psychologists. Our combined experiences have been vast and varied and have encompassed over 100 years in the sport. We continue to consult and coach to this day.

We’ve also been educating coaches, gymnasts, and their parents, just like you, on how to take their coaching, training, and parenting an athlete to a higher level no matter where on the spectrum you lie.


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“Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents”


Let us ask you a few questions:

 As a Coach, have you ever asked these questions?

  •  “How do I maintain motivation in the gym?”
  • “What’s the best way to get the team “in the zone” before a meet?” 
  • “How do I implement mental training into my program?”

As a Gymnast, have you ever asked these questions?

  • “How do I deal with fears in training?”
  • “What’s the best way to prepare mentally before a meet?” 
  • “What mental training skills do I need to learn?”

 As a Parent, have you ever asked these questions?

  • “How involved should I be in my child’s gymnastics?”
  • “What’s the best way to support my child before and after a meet?” 
  • “How do I monitor the gymnastics health of my child?”


 If you worry about any of these…


Worry no more!  This one-of-a-kind book will answer your questions and guide you through the process of getting the absolute best out of your coaching, your gymnastics training, and your relationship with your child each and every day and meet after meet!

 We’re proud to introduce our new book:

  “Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents.

No matter what level you coach, or how many years you have been competing in gymnastics, or how long you’ve been a gym parent just a single tip from this comprehensive book can improve your coaching skills, parental relationships, or help you perform at your peak potential!

We created “Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents” with one goal in mind…to produce more happy, healthy, and high-performing gymnasts.

Here’s how our book can help…

 Click on the book if you’re ready to succeed!

In this 350 page book, you’ll discover:

  • What the Gymnastic Olympians have that you want- Chapter II
  • how you can prepare for competition like an Olympic gymnast – Chapter X
  • how to help your gymnasts perform at their peak potential- Chapters I-XI
  • which gymnastics mental skills your athletes need to be successful- Chapter VIII
  • how to improve attitudes and deal with negative ones in the gym- Chapter II
  • how to handle pre-meet anxiety and fears – Chapter X
  • how to provide the correct ratio of positive to negative feedback- Chapter III
  • how to improve your  concentration, attention, and focus plus deal with distractions- Chapter VII
  • how to foster confidence in your athletes who have self-doubts- Chapter X
  • how to develop mastery and coping skills to deal with setbacks, slumps, and errors- Chapter VI
  • how to overcome fears in training and prepare for competition – Chapter V
  • how to have a productive relationship with your parents and parent groups- Chapter XI
  • what is the best level of involvement to have in your child’s gymnastics?
  • And Much, Much More!

Here’s what the Past President of USA Gymnastics had to say:


Understanding where and how to focus your time, energy and effort, are tools that will serve you in sport, business and life.  Learning to focus on performance (things you have control over) instead of outcome (results over which you have no control) is a skill that I have seen make champion gymnasts and drive success both personally and professionally. ‘Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents’ immediately makes the “must read” list for parents and coaches of all sports.

Mr. Bob Colarossi

Marketing Director-Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG)

Past President- USA Gymnastics


Here’s what this book can give you:

A comprehensive guide, featuring gymnastics mental- coaching techniques and tips, ideal for the coach, athlete, and parent looking to empower their gymnasts with the latest strategies for peak potential.  Nowhere since the highly acclaimed, “Psychology and Gymnastics, Vol. I & II” published in 1986 and 1994 by your authors, has the information and practical application of the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of sports psychology been applied to the sport of gymnastics. This is THE only book of its kind bridging the gap between theory and practice of gymnastics psychology.

Learn about these topics:

  • Gymnastic History & Research
  • Gymnastics Coaching Psychology
  • Coach/Gymnast Relationships
  • Motivation & Fear
  • Gymnastics Health & Well-Being
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Mental Gymnastics
  • Goal Setting
  • Psycho/Physical Training
  • Performance Psychology
  • Meet Preparation and Competition
  • Gymnastic Parents

We have traveled all over the country for decades giving lectures, clinics, and hands on instruction to coaches, gymnasts, and their parents. We are sharing our knowledge and experience with you for the first-time ever in one comprehensive handbook. No longer will you have the expenses of traveling and attending clinics to get this information.


Take your coaching, gymnastics performance, or parental involvement to the next level by getting your copy of

“Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents”



But that’s not all…

 You also receive these 3 Amazing Bonuses including:

 (Bonus #1) Coaching Commandments

(Bonus #2)  Gymnast’s Commandments

(Bonus #3)  Parenting Commandments


Our “Commandments” have been hung in gyms and placed in Team Handbooks around the country. They provide a set of guidelines for ethical behavior by the coach, gymnast, and parent in the gym and at competitions. They are based on theoretical principles and philosophies that coaches, athletes, or parents should embrace and follow to help them become more knowledgeable, compassionate, and respectful! And, they are no longer in circulation, so this is the ONLY way to get them!

Your “Commandments” are free to download and print minutes after your purchase, so get your copy today.

Here’s what one gym owner had to say:

Thank you for reprinting the 20 Commandments of Coaching (‘International Gymnast Magazine,’ ‘Chalk Talk,’ Nov. 2007). I think it’s possible that the repeated publication of these 20 Coaching Commandments has had a greater positive impact on gymnasts in this country than anything you have ever published.

Thank you for sharing them with us one more time and thank you to Dr. Joe Massimo for helping generations of young gymnasts train under the direction of teachers and coaches who are safe, effective, positive and gentle, because you touched their hearts.”

Mr. David Holcomb

Owner-Buckeye Gymnastics

Realize Your Peak Potential!


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“Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents”

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Do it for You, do it for your Team, and do it for your Dreams!


We are very gratified to be able to pass on our acquired knowledge and experiences surrounding the undeniable importance of the mental aspects of the sport of gymnastics. Here’s to you and your gymnastics success!

Doc & Dr. Sue

“Gymnastics Psychology” is dedicated to the thousands of young athletes, along with the guidance and support of their coaches and parents, who have striven to
express their creative energy though the art of gymnastics; many with small success, some with considerable, and a very few with much, but all with inspiring dreams and abiding
Doc & Dr Sue


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