"Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide           for Coaches, Gymnasts and Parents"

              Dr. Joe "Doc" Massimo & Dr. Sue Massimo


                        "Gymnastics Psychology" helps the:                                       *Coach Improve their Skills & Succeed more Often                               *Gymnasts Increase their Confidence & Perform their Best                        *Parents Provide the Support their Child Athlete Needs

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Discover the Secret Psychology that Creates Champions!

"Gymnastics Psychology" holds the keys to unlock your potential! 

WHAT Coaches, Parents & Gymnasts just like YOU are SAYING...

Understanding where and how to focus your time, energy and effort, are tools that will serve you in sport, business and life.  Learning to focus on performance (things you have control over) instead of outcome (results over which you have no control) is a skill that I have seen make champion gymnasts and drive success both personally and professionally. ‘Gymnastics Psychology:
 The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents’ immediately makes the “must read” list for parents and coaches of all sports.

                   ~Mr. Bob Colarossi- Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG); Former Gym Owner- Massachusettes Gymnastics Center                                                                                                           
The sport of Gymnastics has always been about having a strong mind to support a strong body.  In my career as a coach, whether I am working with a Level 4 or an Elite National Team Member, I find myself frequently returning to Doc’s papers, lectures, and articles.  He manages to take complex topics and write in a way that is easily understood by the reader. His passion for gymnastics comes alive in his writing which really holds something for everyone-Coach, Gymnast, or Parent.

~Mr. Tony Retrosi- 2010 USA Gymnastics’ Educator of the Year Owner and Coach/Owner-Atlantic Gymnastics

The Drs. Massimo are truly experts in the psychology of performance, particularly in gymnastics.  Dr. Joe has more than six decades in the field, and Sue is approaching four decades.  This incredible time frame of experience as performers, educators, researchers, coaches, judges, and sport psychologists, far exceeds Anders Ericsson’s “10 year/10,000 hours of deliberate practice” rule for becoming an expert.  In reading about the psychology of gymnastics, rest assured that you are learning from two of the very best in the world of gymnastics psychology.

  ~Leonard Zaichkowsky, Ph.D.- Boston University Professor of Education and Graduate Medical Sciences(retired) - Sport Performance Consultant for NBA, NHL, NFL, U.S., Canada, & Austrailian Olympic Teams and World Cup Soccer

                      ~A Word From The Authors~ 
Dr. Joe "Doc" Massimo & Dr. Sue Massimo

 We have been involved in gymnastics as competitors, judges, coaches, clinicians, and gymnastics psychologists for over 100 years combined. We recognize that to achieve physical competence the mind/ body connection is of prime importance. We are very gratified to be able to pass on our acquired knowledge and experiences surrounding the undeniable importance of the mental aspects of the sport of gymnastics to you.       ~ Doc & Dr Sue ~